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Product details

Tributylteradecyl phosphonium Chloride

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Product features

XINPHOS®350 is proposed as active ingredient for the control of algae, bacteria and fungi in air washes, industrial scrubbing systems, recirculating cooling towers and process water including cooler towers, evaporative coolers, brewery pasteurizers, can warmers, hydrostatic sterilizers, non-food contact pulp and paperboards processer and enhanced oil recovery systems.

Product details

XINPHOS®350 is a spectrum microbiocide against bacteria, fungi and algae etc. The active ingredient(Tributyltetradecylphosphonium chloride (CAS 81741-28-8) cause severe damage to microbial cell membranes and deactivates cell enzyme processes

Product packaging
190kg plastic drums or 950kg IBC drums
Products indicators
active ingredient 50%
Chemical digest
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