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Bactericides, also known as biocides, bactericidal algaecides, microbicides, etc., generally refer to the chemicals which can effectively control or kill the microorganisms in the water system, such as bacteria,fungi and algae. And internationally, it is usually used as a general term for the medicament of the treatment of various pathogenic microorganisms.

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name description pack Index operation
Trialkylphosphine oxide ... 97% more
Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl) phosphonium chloride 杀菌剂... 80% more
Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate 杀菌剂,用于工业水处理…... 75% more
Tributylteradecylphosphonium Chloride Xinphos® 350 …... 200L Drums, IBC Drums 50%,5% more