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The company awards annual industrial economy honors

2018-3-6 8:15:48

On February 28, Jiande industrial economymeeting was held in the culture center of the city , Convention awards units and individuals in 2017, the company received "2017 top ten tax contribution" honors.

In the past year, under the correct leadership of the company's management, all the staff have gathered their strength, made real efforts, and achieved the best performance of all economic indicators in history.In 2017, the company was awarded the largest taxpayer in Jiande city .The top ten tax contributors in 2017;Key municipal Industrial enterprises in 2018;National enterprises with superior intellectual property rights;Provincial new brands;Zhejiang Famous brand;Hangzhou famous brand;Hangzhou exports famous brands;First drafting of zhejiang manufacturing standard; Company involved in drafting national standards;The first drafting of industry standards;Hangzhou qianjiang special expert Working allowance;Jiande skill master studio, total 13 awards.

Mr. Bao Jiang Feng , general manager on behalf of the company and the municipal government signed a traditional Manufacturing industry to upgrade liability form, said the company will, as always, push up scientific and technological Innovation, outstanding project aims, pays special attention to safety, focus on environmental protection and energy saving Work, strengthen safety management of environmental protection, speed up the relocation project , strive for better benefit in 2018.