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Zhejiang Xinhua has 128 full-time technology R&D personnel, including 2 doctoral degrees, 8 master's degrees, 96 undergraduate degrees, 7 senior engineers, and 44 mid-level engineers, of which 8 person are listed as 131 talents training projects in Hangzhou; A postdoctoral student successfully left the station and a doctoral student studied at the station; At the same time, more than 10 senior experts and professors from the Dalian Chemical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Technology University , Tianjin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Fragrant Research Institute, and Beijing Chemical Research Institute were hired. And there are 5 persons hired as Hangzhou Qianjiang special experts to provide support for the research institute's technical innovation. Xinhua's advanced amine high-tech innovation team was named "the second batch of major scientific and technological innovation teams in Zhejiang Province" in 2010, and the company's technical vice president was named the senior amine high-tech academic leader.


The company's technical innovation team is unique in the study of organic amines, synthetic spices, flame retardants, surfactants, organophosphates and other functional chemicals to form an effective management approach. According to the different stages of research and development, the task force, the pilot team, and the industrialization project team are set up separately. In each stage, responsible persons are set up and different personnel groups are assigned to achieve the goal of optimizing the combination.


Zhejiang Xinhua has won many awards for innovation at or above the provincial level. Including China Patent Excellence Award, National Key New Product Award, Provincial Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Second Prize, Provincial Outstanding Industrial New Product Third Prize, Provincial Chemical Industry Science and Technology Second Prize, Provincial Chemical Industry Science and Technology Third Prize and other major awards.