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|Company History

1967   Xin’ anjiang Fertilizer Factory was founded with annual capacity of Synthetic Ammonia 3,000MT.

1990   Hydrogen Peroxide branch completed,and yearly 3600MT-production of hydrogen peroxide started.

1995   Flavors &Fragrances branch plant was completed and started to produce Dihydromyrcenol.

1997   Jiande City Xinhua Chemical Co.,Ltd.established from Xin’anjiang Fertilizer Factory.

1999   Monoisopropylamine branch plant completed and started to produce Monoisopropylamine.

2000   Xinhua manufacturing base started up.

2001   Ethylamine plant completed and started production.

2003   Xinhua manufacturing base started the production of MIPA.

  XINHUA was recognized by China ministry of science & technology as “national key Hi-Tech Enterprise.

2004   Dayang manufacturing base started up.

2005   Aroma chemicals program was listed into national torch program by china ministry of science & technology.

2006   Company technology center was recognized by provincial enterprise technology center.

XINHUA becomes a well-known brand in Zhejiang province.

2008   “Jiande City Xinhua Chemical Co.,Ltd became Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical CO.,Ltd A stock enterprise.

Dayang manufacturing base started production.Qiaodong road base stopped the production. Office moved to Xinhua base.

XINHUA Won the “11th five-year plan advanced collective national petroleum and chemical industry.

2010   Jiangsu Xinhua chemical Co.,Ltd started up.

Jiangxi Xinhua chemical Co.,Ltd established.

2012   Jiangxi Xinxin manufacture base started production.

2013   Jiangsu Xinhua manufacture base started production.

2014   Xinhua and Givandan establish a joint venture in Jiangsu province.

2015   Zhejiang xinlan composite material Co.,Ltd established

2016  Xinhua won “the 13th five-year plan” excellent private enterprises

       Zhejiang xinhua chemical Co.,Ltd quoted share on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (Stock Code: 839128)